Working for Alchemy Viral is no slouch, if you want to become best you need to work with the best.  It will not only require a passion, but also a flexible approach, being extremely hard working and having a great sense of humour.  People here are very happy and love what they do.   People describe us ground breaking and thus you’re making a real difference instead being a work drone pretending to be busy, playing politics but not getting much done.  If you’re interested we have the following roles that need high skilled people specialising in:


You will have professional writing experience with a background in journalism or media publication.  You research and you write fast, to a very high grammatical standard.  Your literary skills mean you’re very happy to put your name and photo to the content you produce because you’re proud of the writing job you’re doing.  We accept writers whose first languages are French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Belgian, Serbo-Croat, Chinese, Malay, Javanese as well as good old English (including the American and Australian varieties).

PR and Communications

You will have agency experience, be comfortable outreaching to journalists, writing press releases in your sleep, have great client empathy   We are not a PR agency but we have a load of fun projects which we integrate with our SEO offering which makes us hard to beat and highly innovative. You have loads of ideas on how to take a project forward, you can work as part of a team, liasing with external PR agencies whilst being confident and capable of putting your own strategies and pitches together.


You have an eye for beauty and an amazing talent of taking in what the person is about, what the audience needs, using your creative genius and making it come alive through graphics.  You have a style that is highly adaptable. You have skills in print and web turning your hand to logos, website wireframes, banners, brochures maybe even video animation.  Nothing fazes you.  You’re used to receiving compliments because your work is that good.


You prefer talking to machines and like to be left alone.  Even if someone is in the same room, you prefer to chat via Skype or ICQ.  Being highly skilled you love the challenge of programming database driven websites, you love open source languages, you respect frameworks.  Although you don’t love wordpress you understand it well in terms of it’s strengths and weaknesses – and can make the overall system work the way you want it too.  You can design and optimise databases, design bespoke CMSs from scratch, you’re even quite a mean Sys Admin too.

Web Analysts

You’re curious – you want to know why a user returned and why some got away.  You have a love of stats for the sake of improving the user experience of client and our own websites.  You look at the numbers, you brainstorm, devise bespoke solutions that make commercial sense.  You love recognition because you’re smart and want people to know it.

Freelancers are welcome to enquire. Recruitment agencies – please don’t bother!


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