Reputation Bureau

Your reputation is everything, defend your business life online with our search reputation management solutions from Reputation Bureau.

We recognise that your online reputation is more important now than ever before. As you know, with over 80% of people searching companies before they do business with them, negative posts on the Internet can be devastating to you and your business.

There is a great deal of work that has to go on behind the scenes to replace your negative links with positive links on the major search engines. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts.  It takes a highly experienced internet team to achieve and maintain the desired results.

Our service consists of a one-time fee and an ongoing monthly maintenance and monitoring fee if applicable, as per the contract.

Every day we will check your search results and make sure not only your old links are pushed back, but also guarantee no new reports threaten your search results.

Our process includes immediately analysing the search engine results for the keywords you choose. We then create a plan for achieving the goal of all positive search results for the first 2 pages of the major search engines. If your company also has negative suggested search terms in the drop down window, we will use our proprietary methods to replace the negative terms with positive terms in that critical area as well. We will work with you and your team (such as a webmaster, marketing people, other staff you may already have) to obtain or develop the content you want seen on the Internet.

Our team will immediately use all the powerful natural search optimisation and our proprietary ORM techniques available to move positive content to the top of the search results, suppress the negative content back beyond page 2, and create a barrier to protect your brands from future attacks.

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