Search Optimisation

Optimise your website for search – not just the search engines.  It isn’t all about Google, many searches are conducted online including places like Twitter, Quora not just Google.  Our enterprise class technologies and methods for Search Optimisation ensure your content has the highest chance of being found in various web search places including the Search Engines.  Our KPIs focus on increased qualified traffic and visitors.  Rankings are only used as a sense check as Search Engines are one source of qualified visitors.

To achieve more true optimisation, you have to ensure the experience for visitors that come via search is positive one.  A positive search experience can be described as fast loading pages, making content easily accessible, usable, shareable, worthy of sharing as well as meeting your business objectives by way of higher conversion rates.  Ultimately what we are talking about is Search Experience Optimisation.

A critical element of any web Search optimisation is to have the process managed from audience identification to link development. The process requires a combination of technology, networks and content. In effect SEO management or in other words a managed service. Our process is characterised by being:

Integrated – We work with your other channels to deliver web search campaigns that work with your other channels such as PPC, user engagement (via analytics data), social media.

Targeted - Researching the search fabric of your industry enables us to understand your online space. We look at the kind of information your customers are looking for. The keywords used to generate sales and enquiries. The tactics used by your competitors to rank  and resources required to compete and win.

Data driven: We use enterprise level world class technology allowing us to know on a daily basis what is happening to your search traffic, why it’s happening and what the opportunities are.  No longer is a web design or development decision justified on SEO Theory or here-say.  The data gives us justification to make optimisation solutions that reinforce or disprove any decision to make a change.

The result is high rankings, relevant traffic for sales and lead generation thanks to a data driven, detailed thinking process coupled with scalable action.

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